Introducing Oscillator Drum Jams

For the past two years, I’ve been slowly working with my drum teacher Jake Wood on an interactive iOS companion to Oscillator, his drum book for beginner. The app is called Oscillator Drum Jams, and it’s out now!

Jake wrote almost 150 music loops tailored to individual exercises in the book. The app lets you view the sheet music for each exercise and play the corresponding loop at a range of tempos.

Instead of practicing all week to a dry metronome, or spending time making loops in a music app like Figure, students can sit down with nothing but their phone and have all the tools they need be productive and engaged.

The app supports all iPhone and iPad models that can run iOS 11, in portrait or landscape mode.

This project ties together a lot of skills, and I’m going to unpack them in a series of posts following this one.

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