Autoarchaeology Part 4: Media

Last month I found out my first web sites were still online, so I've been digging through the downloads to see what I was working on when I was 12. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

The last few files I found in the admin console for my old web sites were 3D renderings and MIDI files. StrataVision 3D, the software used to make the original Myst, was released for free in the late '90s. I used it to make things like this sassy robot:

Sassy robot

I was also obsessed with spaceships and things that go fast. Here are a few of those:

Spaceship 1

Spaceship 2

Rocket car

I rendered all the MIDI files to AIFF using TiMidity and uploaded them to my Soundcloud page. Here's CoolSong1.mid:

One of the better ones is a song called Chase that I cleaned up a little in Logic Pro:

There's some not-too-bad dungeon crawly music in here, like this one, Escape:

You can torture yourself with the rest of them here.

Eventually, I left MIDI for GarageBand. I collected a lot of my GarageBand experiments in an EP on BandCamp. I still write a bit of music for my games.